• Ben Gibson

Rediscover and Rebuild.

2020 was an interesting year for us all. We all experienced it in very difference ways, but the quarantine life has certainly been something we have all shared. Through out the past year I have turned to the online world, like many others, in ways I never have before. Business slowed down and I found myself creating, not for others, but for myself. It was sad that I wasn't progressing as an entrepreneur, however it was refreshing that I was creating content for myself again.

Tiktok became a major outlet for me to funnel many of my creative ideas and energy into. It lead me to a place where my mind feels clear and rejuvenated. I somehow managed to amassed over 141,000 followers as of writing this blog post and I create videos sometimes multiple times a day, even though I work a full time job. Being stuck trying to figure out a way to put someone else's vision into a video hasn't backed me into a corner for nearly a whole year. I know challenges like that can be a good thing to keep a creator on their toes, but in this case making as many videos as I do for Tiktok exercised my creative mind over and over in a different way. Much like reps at the gym builds muscle rather than going for just one big heavy lift. I did those creative reps and came out with a whole new understanding and skill set I never even thought about.

Maybe I'm reading to far into this and am just wrapped up in the number of followers I somehow accumulated. Or maybe I haven't even begun to understand what I have accomplished in 2020 just yet, maybe revitalizing my business to the public of Prince George will be what brings all those metaphorical gym reps to life. All I do know is I have a new perspective on what video and media can do and I am ready to share it with the community. Not just as a videographer but as a media creator, not just as a wedding videographer but as a business content marketing advisor. Previously I've referred to myself as a Prince George Videographer but now I need to change that title up a bit. I'm not sure what that will be just yet, I do love making videos for people but I want to offer a bit more than just that and I need to figure out what that means before I can put a title to it I think. So here it goes, the official beginning to the my rediscover and rebuild journey.

-Ben Gibson

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