• Ben Gibson

Taking Prince George by Storm.

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

It seems like everyone I talk to needs video work done for one reason or another, and making connections across the city of Prince George is happening on a daily basis.

Though I work full time outside of my business, growing has been fairly simple. With the amount of events and entrepreneurs in the north, it didn't take long for people to begin to recognize me and seek out my work as media producer.

I think the lack of accessibility to quality work has left a largely untouched market for someone with the right skill set here in northern BC. Given enough time, I am sure more and more companies will emerge to produce video work, but finding access to a company who puts quality over quantity, is what I believe, will keep me in the game long after that time comes.

Quality, that's a word I want to be synonymous with Media Forge Studios. What company wouldn't want that? But on the same hand, how many of them really strive for it? It's easy to get into a rut where you become unmotivated, and just going through the motions becomes your daily routine. That's when quality quickly takes a back seat. Thankfully media production is a dream job for me, and there is no end in site for my motivation.

It's crazy if I think about it, over a decade. That's how long I have had a camera in my hand, and every day that passes feeds my motivation. I guess that might also play a part in why making connections has been so easy, maybe its obvious to everyone how passionate and excited I am about making videos. Even CKPG had to make a story about my first short film I made.

Soon, if I have it my way, it wont just be people in Prince George talking about me and my company. This storm is only growing.


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